Grace Testimony From South Africa: Delivered From Sexual Sins, Life Now Better

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I ​used to feel lonely and empty. I would watch pornography and masturbate, and would even look for prostitutes.

I was also not doing great academically and gave up thinking I could make it in life. I tried reading motivational and spiritual books, but their effects would only last for a while.

Pastor Prince, when I first saw you preach on television, I found the grace message hard to grasp because I grew up under works of the law. But when I really started listening to you, I realized you made a lot of sense, and I would even set the alarm at one in the morning to catch your program.

Gradually, I started to see the light and fell in love with God and my Lord Jesus again. I listened to your messages and they were like treasures that I did not want to let go.

Every time I was aware of committing a sin, I would declare myself righteousness in Christ. Soon, I started experiencing breakthroughs in my life—completing my diploma after fourteen years, receiving promotions at work, and even getting married last year. I also realized that I do not masturbate, crave pornography, or want to look for prostitutes anymore. I no longer see any benefits in them. In fact, I realized that they only made me feel empty and lonely inside.

I have also learned that the enemy uses condemnation as his greatest weapon. And the answer to that is God’s love, which can be experienced when we know how much He has forgiven and taken away all our sins.

Today, I am a better employee, husband, brother, and man because of Jesus. My message to people whom I meet today is about the love of God demonstrated through Jesus at the cross . I have received and experienced the love of God—not through materials things. His love and peace truly surpass my understanding. When I meditate on His amazing love for me, I would sometimes laugh with joy!

Thank you for teaching me the true meaning of the gospel. I have received deliverance and I now understand what “the truth shall set you free” (John 8:32) means.

I thank God for you and your ministry. God bless you.

B Mogapi | South Africa

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