Halleluyah Challenge: How Fire Incident Was Averted In My House (Praise Report)


Makeup artist Elaine Shobanjo of Shomyatook to her Instagram to share testimony of how she and husband escaped a near Gas -leak Incident at their home.

Read her testimony below:

Finally got my hands on something special that I’d wanted to eat all week.
Hubby came home tonight and asked to have some for work tomorrow. I teased him about needing to take his eyes off my precious food Nonetheless, I promised to dish some out for him in the morning.
The whole house was asleep…but me. In the shower, I talked to God and reminisced about different things. A voice told me to go sort his food out tonight but I brushed it aside saying “I will do it in the morning”. A battle ensued in my head about when to dish this food out. I didn’t feel like making the journey downstairs, but neither did I want to have to deal with it in the morning…I already have the kids and a million things to deal with…. but, the voice won and forced me to sort it tonight.
I woke a nanny up to help me bring everything needed upstairs (laziness), so I could arrange it all neatly for hubby. She obliged. But something made me insist on going down myself afterall. So off I went around midnight. Opened the kitchen door and was hit by a strong smell of gas!!! I’m suspecting the cook left the cooker on . I knew immediately why that voice had been sooo persistent in making me sort the food tonight…AND ensured that I went down PERSONALLY!! What would have happened if no one detected it? If the cook resumed in the morning and turned the cooker ON?! I thank God for sending the Holy Spirit to me tonight. I woke hubby up to tell him, we prayed and then I tuned in to @nathanielblow.
PS… NEVER EVER light a fire OR turn your knob off & on once gas has leaked!!

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