Halleluyah Challenges: Funke Akindele Tackles Daddy Freeze For Criticizing Nathaniel Bassey


Funke Akindele tackles Daddy Freeze for criticizing Nathaniel Bassey after the convener of the #HallelujahChallenge decided to drop a new single in the wave generated by the worship movement and it’s drawing criticism from OAP Freeze.


 He took to Instagram, to criticize Nathaniel Bassey‘s decision to commercialize what should have just been a simple religious crusade.

According to him,

When you realize that all the praise and testimony is about a single that wants to drop. Your IQ is kudu 67 and they have opened office on your head. Pele.

The was the inscription on an image he shared before he launched into a long tirade.

Read below…


Funke Akindele saw the above posts and dropped her comment on it.

According to her,


She concluded by saying,

Let’s look at the positive sides of things o. I’m happy for once social media is used in a positive way. @Daddyfreeze suru o!

He replied her in a rather lengthy comment. Read below;

My dearest sister, you know i love you and i can never argue with you in public. But the more you get to know me, you will know my words never fail. Ask my followers, nothing i have ever told them has failed to come to pass. I am a spiritual being, a servant of the most high God. I don’t lie! I appreciate the praise and the music. But i can’t see the truth and turn away.

If i do, who will say it as it is? God bless and keep you my dear. You are one of the only people i can never get angry or upset with and i will continue to pray and prophesy great things into your life.

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One thought on “Halleluyah Challenges: Funke Akindele Tackles Daddy Freeze For Criticizing Nathaniel Bassey

  1. From the first day I had about the Hallelujah challenges, something in me kept telling me that; this will get to a stage where people will be offended by what pastor Nath is doing… Because he is doing what no body had never done…. Well may God take his praise and give us his bl3ssing….

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