Happy 17th Anniversary To Ywap, Dr. Charles (Uncle C) Has A Message For Everyone

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Youth With A Purpose also Known as YWAP, is a Christian faith based organization founded on
the 27th of October, 1999 in Kaduna, Nigeria.

(Officially from Doctor Charles (Uncle C)) please read.

The song writer says, “it’s not the number of years that you live, but the one you live how much you give;  it’s not the number of things that you know, but the ones you follow as you go”. You have given your time, your money,  your comfort,  in some occasions your health, sacrificing through these 17 years trying to put a smile on the face of someone you never knew. You travelled hundreds of miles defying treacherous weathers and terrains just to bring comfort to a widow you never thought you would meet,  then reaching out as a beacon of light, of hope to that village child who is destined for greatness. You gave your last pay staging a concert so that that young drug addict, cultists,  wayward and confused youth will find Jesus, hope and direction.
You followed because He said come, follow me. Thank you for obeying. Thanks trusting and remaining faithful to this call.
We have conquered many ‘lands’, but yet there remains many territories to conquer,  many mangled lives to untwist,  many hungry mouths to feed,  many sick to heal, many widows to clothe.,….. We can not rest on our oars now.
Arise let us build together.
Thanks for believing me and trusting the Lord who has led us for these 17years. You will be kept by the Almighty,  guided by Him alone as we continue with this this work on this side of eternity. Wherever you are, be strong,  be of good courage. With Jesus on our side,  we will make Heaven proud.
I love you loads. Happy Anniversary!!!! Uncle C. (Dr Charles)

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