Happy 21st Marriage Anniversary Isabella Melodies & Hubby


Its 21st Marriage Anniversary for Isabella Melodies & Husband!

Gospel lady of songs, Isabella Melodies and her
husband, Pastor Ogo, celebrate their 21st
Wedding anniversary on Thursday 07 January
2016. The inspirational and highly admired
couple, who have always been openly
expressive of their love for each other, are role models for many couples who look up to them
for mentorship and relationship coaching.

The two met as teenagers at University of
Nigeria and dated for seven years before
getting married on 07 January 1995. a few
years after graduating from Uni. They both
became Christian marriage counsellors shortly
after marriage and have successfully counseled many couples over the years. Speaking on the
secret of their marital bliss, this is what the high
profile Gospel singer, Isabella, had to say:

“Marriage has been a blessing to us in every
way. We are best friends and we have each
other’s back. In other words, we stick up for
each other and we stick together. We prioritise
our relationship with God and with each other
before anything and anyone else. We make time for each other and we pray together
consistently. That has really helped us to
remain united and inseparable. Like everyone
else, we have had our moments of conflict and
disagreements, however the mutual respect we
have for each other means we are not careless with words and we are quick to forgive. We
don’t sweep things under the carpet, by this I
mean that we don’t ignore issues if it’s
bothering one of us. We talk through
everything constructively knowing that we
both want the same outcome; a healthy relationship and a peaceful home. We are
supportive of each other’s visions and are
always ready to sacrifice for each other. We
have had many ups and downs through the
years but through everything, we have never
doubted our love for each other and we maximise every possible opportunity to
celebrate each other. Marriage is a learning
process and, even after 28 years together (7
years of dating and 21 years of marriage), we
are still learning and willing to learn in order to
keep growing and enjoying being together.

For me as a woman, I truly believe that
submitting to the Holy Spirit as my Helper was
and still is the wisest decision I have ever made.
He has given me the wisdom as a home-builder
to know what to say to defuse potentially
explosive situations and the self-control to bridle my tongue when it’s time to be quiet. He
gives me the discernment and sensitivity to be
in tune with my husband’s needs and the
enablement to meet that need, be it a need for
affection, intimacy, understanding, sympathy,
affirmation, prayer, encouragement or support. I don’t have it all figured out but I thank God
for how far He has brought us. The bottom line
is that we are still standing by His grace, glory
to God”

The Ogo-Uzodikes are blessed with four
children: two girls – Sharon (20) and Stephanie
(18) and two boys – Shane (14) and Shemaiah

Congratulations to the Ogo-Uzodikes.

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