“Hey Teacher, I did it well” – 20-year-old Nigerian Medical Doctor Writes As She Gets Licence Tl Practice In Nigeria

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A 20-year-old Nigerian Medical Doctor, Lilian Okafor, shared an inspiring post via her Instagram handle of how a teacher told her mother that she could not cope with medical school after she graduated form High School at age 13.

She got the licence to practice in Nigeria over the weekend after passing all the necessary examinations.

She shared the photo above and wrote:

I remember a teacher telling my mom when I finished high school at age 13 that I couldn’t cope with medical school at that age but my mom knew her daughter….even though I waited for over a year (thanks to the struggles we face to get into Nigerian Universities), I went to Uganda (some people laughed at me for going but it was the best decision..the reason is a story for another day)…got my degree, wrote the Nigerian exam…passed of course  got inducted yesterday… at age 20…”hey teacher, i did it well”… THANK YOU LORD… now licensed in both East Africa and Nigeria…. Thank you mom and dad… Thank you baee… btw, dad needs to stop calling me a baby Doctor…

Congratulations Dr. Okafor!


As an aside, we appreciate this particular teacher and all teachers that have helped to shape our lives and were instrumental in the successes we enjoy today

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