Highlights Of Pastor’s Conference With Pastor Benny Hinn & Oyakhilome (Photos )


This year’s Pastor’s Conference can only be described as special meeting orchestrated by God to equipped the Church and Pastors for the work ahead.
The Pastor’s Conference was attended by thousands of pastors and ministers of the Gospel across Africa and beyond.

The LoveWorld Convocation Arena was saturated with God’s divine presence as renowned healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, shares God’s Word with thousands of ministers from all over Nigeria and different parts of Africa. Many more are connected to the revelations being poured out as gushers of living water via LIVE stream on Pastor Chris Online, CeFLIX and more.

The BLW President, Reverend (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome, welcomed and introduced Pastor Benny with exemplary love, bearing witness to the unique plan of God for ministers in Nigeria through the healing evangelist’s visit. An atmosphere of worship, inspired through musical renditions by LMAM artistes, Sinach, T-Sharp, Eben and more, prepared the ministers to receive new revelations, graces and inspiration.

The BLW President makes Pastor Benny welcome, introducing him to ministers present.

Pastor Benny Hinn gave an exposé on the person of the Holy Spirit and His unique ministry in us. The ministers were re-awakened to their oneness with God as creatures in which the Spirit of God dwells in His entirety. The consciousness was further established in the global congregation of ministers that we are, indeed, hid in God.

This first session of the 3-Day Special Pastors’ Conference with Pastor Benny Hinn in Lagos, Nigeria, availed thousands of ministers the privilege of revelation concerning the ministry and power of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor Benny discussed the outcomes of the Holy Ghost’s presence in the life of the believer in hunger, faith and love, connecting these to what he termed the three ignitions of the Holy Ghost. “When the scriptures come alive, communion comes alive; when communion comes alive, worship comes alive,” the healing evangelist said, highlighting the Word, communion, and worship as these ignitions.

Ministering concerning the life of a believer, particularly a minister of God, Pastor Benny emphasized the role of the Holy Spirit as the source of our enlightenment to understand the scriptures. He said, “[the Holy Spirit] empowers us to know the scriptures,” encouraging the Pastors and leaders not to approach God’s word with “head knowledge.” The ministers were lifted in their spirits to know they are temples of “the great revealer”, the one who gives revelation truth.

On the heels of the ministers’ conference in Lagos, Nigeria, comes an extraordinary 2-day encounter with the Word and the Spirit for thousands of ministers now assembled from all over Ghana and other countries in Africa as healing evangelist, Pastor Benny Hinn, imparts powerful revelations.

In Accra Ghana, among the several inspiring ministers present were senior Pastors and Bishops of various ministries, who were acknowledged by the BLW President in the course of the program. Evangelist Dag Heward-Mills of Lighthouse Chapel International and Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams of Action Chapel International were two out of the several dignitaries whose presence was recognized, amidst loud cheers from many in the congregation.

Pastor Benny continued to unravels powerful truths concerning the person of Jesus. “The person of Jesus is the presence, the glory, the nature of God, the ways of the Lord,” he said, throwing light on the Master’s embodiment of the Godhead. Watch the video above and be inspired to live for Jesus, “the express image of God!”

Pastor Benny said to the ministerial delegation worldwide, “God is grace! Grace is not something; grace is someone. God is mercy! Mercy is not something; mercy is a person.” With words so refreshing, he unveiled grace, mercy, love and faith, all enveloped in the completeness of the man, Jesus. “Look to Jesus, and you’ll find faith,” he said, pointing the Pastors and leaders back to the living Word.

This glorious Pastor’s Conference ended with great moments of worship, an inspiration for great works and fellowship with the Holy Spirit as the ministers were excited and motivated to do more for the Lord.





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