How I Receive Songs – Nathaniel Bassey Reveals His Secret



Many times when songs come to us, they do so in bits and pieces. As ideas, tiny seeds and in musical
parlance, as “motifs” that are later developed.
Sometimes when you read or study the word,
during worship, in an experience or a result of it, in a dream or vision, or when in a normal situation, they just come.

What I’ve learnt to do is not to force the remaining
parts. If you get stuck trying to write, just leave it.
Especially if what was received was spiritual. You don’t want to begin in the spirit and in the flesh. Trying to do so makes the song sound contrived.
Just put down the idea, and leave it until the flow
comes back again.

It really is the idea of precept
upon precept, and line upon line.

I remember receiving an idea for a song BOOK OF
LIFE, and it wasn’t 2 years after that finished it, while praying in the Holy Ghost for Tuesday service.And not even for the song. Which is why praying in
tongues is something I call a spiritual downloading

Sometimes you get the sound first, other times you
get the lyrics. In very special occasions when the song writing grace comes, you can get both and all at the same time.

So as a music minister and song writer, you should
maintain the following habits.


2.writing /journaling

3.Get a recording device

4. Deep thinking and meditation: David was a very
deep thinker- Psalm 8

5.listen to music

6.Make praying in tongues like breathing.

7.Be sensitive to the Spirit.

8. Listen to sermons. Be excited about the word.
Listen to audio bibles.

9. Learn to record what you have received. Chances
are that you would not receive more if you haven’t
been faithful over a few.(doesn’t have to be
something elaborate)

10. Share the song with others. Start with your
immediate platforms. Your family, friends and choir.
Many want to have them on radio asap.
I remember when I was in The RCCG City of David,
when I got a new song, After practising at home,
my sister’s were my first audience. Sometimes I’d force them to listen and sing along (lol). My sister,
Victoria was like a critic. Then I’ll take it to church,
share with the choir. Sometimes i got the little
children to sing some, since I had a passion with
working with children. You know, I was just so
passionate about Jesus and music, and by God’s grace, I’m still am.

11. Just love the Lord. The songs are merely
overflows and expressions of our love affair with
him. They are not ends in themselves.
I hope this helps. Was going to share this only with
the mailing list but thought you should have it. Meanwhile part 2 of the money and ministry article
drops this evening only to the mailing list. God bless
you all

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