“I Have Never Earned Money From My Book Proceeds” – Bishop Oyedepo

In no unclear terms, the presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church clarified the argument on his income/royalty from books he publishes. Till date, Bishop Oyedepo has released over 110 books and over 10 million copies have been sold since 1993 when Dominion Publishing House (DPH) the printing and publishing arm of the ministry was established. According to him, his first two books were released in 1985. Presently, the DPH owns a state of the art printing press with machines imported from Germany and yet the books are among the cheapest sold.

In his words while announcing the new Bibles being published by the Church:

“We are venturing into production of Bibles into all languages across Africa.

Publishing is to us a ministry, not a business.

I have never drawn a dime from my books once-we only feed from the testimonies that come in.

No author from DPH earns a dime from the books in DPH yet it sells round the world.

We sell the cheapest of all Christian literature and we produce among the best.

The Church has never drawn from DPH since inception.

Why are we so blessed? We are doing the right thing.

Is it wrong to get money from books? No, but that’s not my style with Jesus” the Bishop concluded.

Some new books authored by Bishop Oyedepo and his wife, Pastor Faith Oyedepo and published by the DPH were announced at Shiloh 2017

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