1 Year After: TB Joshua Pays Tribute To Victims Of Building Collapse, Says Their Death Is An Unavoidable Call


In a post titled “An exhortation on Martyrs of Faith’,
founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations
Prophet TB Joshua paid tribute to the 116 people
who died in his church’s building collapse which
occurred on September 12th 2014. He said the
death of the 116 people who were mostly South Africans was an unavoidable call and that nothing
happens without the knowledge and approval of
God. What he wrote after the cut…

“It is important to remember that we are members
of a family – the family of God. Consequently, for an
occasion like this, God should be the Invitee.

My people, we are here because of our loved ones,
who fell asleep in the bosom of the Lord. Our
faithful and true God will bring them with Jesus, a
Rock against which you can lean even as the winds
of mourning howl around us.

As Christians, there comes a time when we will
need to say good-bye and sing a “requiem” for our
lost brethren. It is right and noble for Christians to
gather, pray and say, “Requiescat In Pace”. That is,
for the soul of their loved ones to “rest in peace”.

It is now one year since our beloved brothers and
sisters slept in the Lord. For those of us who find it
difficult to let go, we must realise that their death is
an unavoidable call – a call to our Heavenly home
that no one can disobey.

Of course we all know that this has nothing to do with age, status, rich or poor or even the nature of
death itself – as this happened to our predecessors,
including the Apostles who paid the supreme price
to bring the Gospel to all of us. Some were even
beheaded at their prime age. Others were stoned to
death in the course of the Gospel. Some others were even crucified upside down, not to talk of the
ones that were dropped inside boiling oil.

For those who of us who cannot trace or touch the
body of those who are resting in the bosom of the
Lord, we must realise that such examples abound
among God’s Generals in the Bible.

If you have not yet said good-bye in Jesus’ name,
now is your fine grace to do so. You could write a
letter to your loved one who slept in the Lord.
Express your mind on the good and the bad. Feel
free to do whatever you want with the letter. Read
and seal the letter. You might decide to share the letter with either your church authority or pastor
and do away with the letter as the Spirit of God
directs. Once you have done that, leave the rest to
the future with expectation as God holds our

My people, no mortal man or devil can supersede
the plan of God for your life. As a Christian, once
you understand and believe this, you set yourself
free. Let us set ourselves free from this happening,
as it is the will of God, which is unchangeable. When
it is the will of God, it happens as His will. If you harbour offence, you cannot stay in God’s will. Let
us not harbour offence because it produces more
fruit of sin, such as bitterness, anger and
resentment, all of which are the purpose and will of
the devil.

On a number of occasions, many of us have
become victims of maltreatment in the hands of
wicked men and women. Honestly you may have
been treated unjustly and you get offended. But
when you harbour any offence, you fulfil the
purpose of your enemy, thereby being pushed out of God’s will. When you free your mind and stop
harbouring offence, you will maintain and stay in
the course of God’s will. On the other hand, if you
continue to harbour offence, you automatically
become a victim and captive of the enemy, thereby
fulfilling his own purpose and will.

Remember that nothing can come against us
without God’s knowledge and approval. Let’s face
the fact – if the devil who hates us with passion
could have his way, he would not hesitate to
destroy us at will. You must keep this exhortation
before you.

No temptation has overtaken you except such as is
common to man. But God is faithful, who will not
allow you to be tempted beyond limit (1
Corinthians 10:13).

Don’t get offended, neither should you harbour
any offence. This is the weapon to resist the devil.
Remember the message of the Cross: “Father,
forgive them,” said Jesus. This message of
forgiveness points to the future and not to look

Finally brethren, I will not leave you without stating
this simple conclusion – why are we rushing? Can
we reach the end of this road without God’s
knowledge and approval?

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