“If We Continue Like This, The Future Is Bleak” – Mike Abdul Passes Message To Lazy Gospel Artists


Mike abdul of midnightcrew took to his Instagram to shares his pains about how gospel artistes are too lazy to write their own songs and always prefer to sing other fellow artistes song. He said

That’s what 90% of us have become.
Everybody is singing Everybody’s song. Originality is fading away and we think we’re doing fine. We sing less of our own songs as artists and just sing anything that makes the people happy.
Our repertoire is so filled with the songs of other artists that even when these other artists are billed to perform on the same stage with us, we will still sing their songs because we’re used to the repertoire.
We’ve become like hyenas feeding off the sweat of others.
We just wait for the artist who will painstakingly record a great song, spend millions to promote it and all of us will start singing the same song; “Only you can do what no man can do JEHOVAH “. It’s Love; that’s the excuse.
It’s Gospel; another excuse.
And gradually we’re losing integrity.
Soft rock is the new worship genre and everybody is doing it, no wonder we all want to perform before they call some other artists; we know they will just sing all our repertoire before we come up.

If we continue like this, the future is bleak.
It just means that we just want to make the money we want to make and get out. We measure the success of our performance by “turn up”, “the place scatter”, “when i finished, Mike Abdul had nothing left to sing” or “as i finished everybody left the hall”. Chaiiiiiiiii !!!!!!!
Decadence !!!!!!!! How did we get here ?

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