“I’m Not A Walking Replica Of My Mother: Bishop Oyedepo’s Daughter Responds To Critics Of Her “I Am Crazy” FB Post


On Sunday August 12th, Joys, the last daughter of
the founder of Winners Chapel Overseer, Bishop
David Oyedepo, shared this photo along with a
post where she described herself as “crazy”

Those who know me know that I’m crazy. I don’t blend in. I’m the one who’s yingin’
when everyone else is yangin’. I’ve been
called an outcast by many outsiders. But the
more I tried to fit in, the more I stood out.
My differences wouldn’t let me stay the
same. Everyday, I’ve come to let the differences that make me, shine through.

Tired of the need to stay the same, I’ve
come to accept the real me. I’m not the
same. And as long as I stay rare, there’d
always be a need for all of me. For there
would always be room for rarity. I have
decided not to let the miracle of my birth be the sole miracle of my existence. The proof,
is in my crazy”

However, it seems the post didn’t go down well
with some people as she has been receiving
messages from critics. Moments ago, she took to
her Facebook page to clarify what she meant by
“crazy” Read her post below:

“I ‘ve recieved way too many personal
messages about this post below and so for
the honest few, I have chosen to make a
few things clear.

It seems that many of us have
misunderstood things too easily. You all
have seen my posts for a while now, some
of you have seen them for years on end,
and you know that I absolutely adore my

That cannot, has not, and will not ever
change. Anyone who tries to insinuate any
different is purely looking for loopholes
that just don’t exist.

To that group, you may need to find more
profitable work because that, already is a
failed venture. Then, there is this other
group that expects me to be EXACTLY like
my mother or sister, who are role models to
many including myself. especially myself.

Thing is, you also may need to edit your
expectation because that too, will not be

I’m me and will never be anyone else. can
never be anyone else. and will not even try

I love that my sister and I are not walking
replicas of my mother. she teaches us not to
be. she teaches that we are who God has
called us to be, and that, with all sincerity.
our differences make us unique, and that
makes us an epic loving family. that, we are grateful to God for.

Ps, “crazy” purely means/meant different.
This, you would understand if you read
through the post honestly, completely and
some of us, without negative intent.

So, to those who honestly were confused
on the original post, I hope you have
recieved the needed clarity. But to those still
looking for loopholes, sorry. failed venture.

Be you. Be who God created you to be. Yes,
have role models (& you always can start
with my mother and sister–right here on
facebook even if you have nowhere else to
turn). But don’t ever try to dim your
uniqueness to fit in with the “world’s” definition of perfect.

God bless y’all

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