Inspired: “Love Is Greater Than Hate” – Gospel Artist, Gideon Idahosa Shares Touching Story

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Nigerian Gospel Music Artiste. Great And Mighty (You Are) Crooner. Gideon Idahosa, shared an amazing story via his Instagram page, revealing how love  is greater than hate. . The Son Of Idahosa Wrote..

Gud murnin Fam I know when u read this it would change ur mindset…. I Was on my way to lagos Suddenly a young pretty lady ran into me and asked for money. I met this beautiful people and was really surprised why should  a pretty lady walk up to me and ask me for money. down inside me I was broken down by the beauty of the young lady

So i decided to give her  what was with me at that moment…. few minutes later her younger brother walked up to me and was holding my hands, asking me for money too, i Looked @ him then gave him money, then her sis came to meet me and couldn’t hold it anymore to thank me,She kept thanking me for my kindness. then I decided to call them I spoke to them. advice them i didn’t just give them money I put A smile on dier face by giving  them a word of advice and Also they opened up to me And told me a lot of things and I also showed them not just love but so  much love is, and also put a smile on dier faces cus U don’t know if it’s only the smile and love that u have shown them that would make them believe in dier self and still give dier best to live… The most amazing and attractive side of it is. After a short pause, an old man walked up to me and asked  me for money i still decided to give him, suddenly the little boy  dipped his hand into his pocket and removed from the money i gave him and give the old man.. I see a lot of positivity  has come out of this after a word of advice has been spoken to them. LoveIsGreater Than Hate…. Learn to love people regardless.. Never hate any one for any reason.. If God hates sinners, how did you get saved?

Learn to celebrate everyone and show more love to the needy…have a wonderful and a blissful weekend I love u all..

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