Inspiring: “Build Yourself Till You Cannot Be Ignored”,Gospel Rapper GAMiE Shares Tips Of Music Career Success


Being an artiste opened me up to a lot of things. I’ve had to study more and add various skills. You see a lot of people think talent is an easy way to success. Oh! you have never been so wrong. Talent is just the starting point and trust me hardwork and dedication will beat talent any day. If you’re talented then it’s a plus. Start from there, study, learn, add skills, build capacity, engage in things that will make you better at what you do. As an indie artiste learn to be self sufficient to an extent. That might mean signing up for some training just to be better at the job. Spend less time chasing people asking for handouts or favors. Build yourself till you cannot be ignored. Only then does the scripture ‘A man’s gift makes room for him and brings him before Kings’ become a reality. It’s unwise to seek the attention of Kings when you’re unprepared. So get to work. Learn the different phases of your career, be in tune, stay alert, be flexible enough to unlearn, and re-learn, be dynamic. Also pay attention to the various channels you use to reach your target audience. Learn the most effective ways to communicate with them. Work on strategies, analyze, evaluate and plan ahead. Now all these might seem like a lot, yes it is but take it one step at a time.

I remember speaking with a friend and he said GAMiE, all these things you’re saying are things we are told in a cooperate environment. Yes, same approach must be applied. That’s why education is also very important. Get one if you haven’t. Formal or informal. Educate your mind, give yourself a chance by adding knowledge to your talent.

God crown your efforts with success.


Olumide Okesanjo

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