Interview: “How I Have Been Able To Cope With Studies As A Medical Student With Music” – Ada Reveals

Rocktown Artist  adaeze was recently interview by Africa’s no.1 plattform, Kingdomboiz as she reveals & detailed alot about her music carrier.

• How Did music start for you?

Music for me started quite early. I’ve been in my church choir for as long as I can remember! I recorded my first song with a group out of my church then.. I don’t even remember the name but it felt amazing! And I guess the rest is God.. 

• Are You Working On Any New Projects? If Yes Tell Us About It.

Yes, I’ve recorded a couple of singles and I’m working on an EP. I haven’t picked a release date yet due to some other matters that need to be attended to. However, i’m very excited about it! It’s different. God really showed up big as always! 

•  You work very closely with Frank Edwards, what’s your relationship like with him and what’s it like working with someone like him?

Yea I’m privileged to get to learn from one of the best to do it! Frank Edwards is a man of wisdom, talent & humor! So working with him is a whole package! I’m grateful for it.

  Tell us how you have been able to cope With Studies as a medical student With Music

I’ll just say it’s been by God’s grace. Medicine doesn’t give you a lot of room to accommodate anything else which is why I feel like I’ve not fully given my all to my music! I can’t wait to be done with school though! So yea, it’s been God!

 • What advice do you have for gospel singers who think it doesn’t pay to be a gospel singer and want to change to secular?

Let me tell you, a couple of times I’ve tried to write “inspirational”(not gospel) songs & then I just feel like I’m wasting the song and change it back to gospel! It’s the most fulfilling thing to do. Music is a force and to be able to use to move the gospel forward is a privilege! It’s a call worth answering & the reward is eternal! That’s all I can say. 

• Any Last Words For Your Fans ?

Thank you for being patient & for the support! I love you! 

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