Interview: What Defines A Good Rapper? Quality, Lyrics, Or Both?

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Tim Trudeau of Syntax Creative and Josh
Niemyjski of Sphere of Hip-Hop talked with
Rapzilla about what defines a “good”
rapper to them.

“There are certain styles of hip-hop that I
don’t gravitate towards…but I can separate
my personal preferences out enough to
understand, ‘hey this guy is doing a good
job’. It fits in a particular context that might
be mine but I can respect that and get behind that and I can support that,” said
Niemyjski. “I think Reach Records does a
really good. It’s not what I particularly listen

Trudeau chimed in and said there are
people who have a junky recording, but
incredible lyrics. Then there are guys who
have incredible quality but are not the best
lyricists. He is looking for the people who
embody both of those elements and see the importance of quality and the message.

“I just want people to be great at whatever
they are going to do,” added Niemyjski.

Watch the interview below:

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