Invest In Yourself – Word For Today (COZA)


Eccl 3:1

Season here means “opportune time” or “fitting time”. There is a season for everything. What used to be befitting for you in time past may not necessarily be befitting for your status today.

Do not compare yourself to others.

Acts 1:6~8

There are some times and seasons only within the authority of God, just as there some times and seasons within your own influence. So, you can use your time to schedule your seasons. Your two greatest investments are your time and money.

The way you spend your time and money determines your seasons. The best thing to invest in is YOU. They can take away your coat of many colours but never let them take your dream also.


I am advancing

I am breaking new grounds

I am breaking frontiers

What is supposed to kill me will give me honey instead, in Jesus Name Amen

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