Is God Being partial, Raising Worship Leaders “Only” From Christ Embassy? By Amb.Phil Embassy


Sinach,               Christ Embassy
Frank Edwards, Christ Embassy
Joe praise          Christ Embassy
Ada,                    Christ Embassy
Buchi,                 Christ Embassy
Assent Tweed,  Christ Embassy
Eben,                  Christ Embassy
Ikiri Lawrence,  Christ Embassy
Martin PK,          Christ Embassy
Sam song.         Christ.  Embassy
And many others….

Is God being partial, raising worship leaders “only” from Christ Embassy? No!

Many churches don’t know how to celebrate their own. They don’t value what they have, neither do they promote what they have and their talented youths will just be wasting away in their locality with their talents. Youths who should be doing us proud around the nations are treated as riffraff because we don’t value them. They will serve the church for years but no one to give them a helping hand. Even when we manage to invite them to minister in our churches, we dismiss them with Bible quotations.

We think it’s a sin to promote what we have? We think it’s a sin to purposely put our own singers on those billboards of our national programs?  No! But how much are we doing to bring out our own to the world?

We tell them to allow God to announce them like God is going to come down from heaven to pick up the microphone and shout their names.

Christ Embassy is busy showcasing their stars to the world, some other churches are busy with prayers while their own talents are wasting.

Let’s love our own…

Article By Amb.Phil Embassy

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