“It’s Sad That There’s A whole lot Of Politics Played In Church” – Florocka

It remains a fact that a lot of us desire to serve God through the body of Christ with whatever gift(s) and talent(s) God has blessed us with.

However, when it comes with dealing with offenses the devil does a good job of thwarting our perspective. We start to utter statements like ‘..it’s not my father’s church’, ‘..I cannot kill myself over any church’, ‘..Let the Pastor do anything he wants with his church!’

The truth in fact is that NO CHURCH BELONGS TO ANY MAN!. That a man is in charge and probably is the founder of the building and ‘branches’ doesn’t mean that he OWNS the souls of those who attend his church. And this is where the devil gets us. He uses the offense to create a barrier between us and our serve to God – through our church. Yes, it’s sad that there’s a whole lot of POLITICS played in church. People treat POSITIONS as though their existence is dependent on it.

They simply lack understanding – that’s all. Don’t refuse to offer up your service to God because the church POLITICS and CRAFTINESS has gotten you to a place of anger and wrath. Remind yourself of the antidote in Luke 17:1 “.. t is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him, through whom they come!”. Offenses are a DISTRACTION. You will find ‘Offense Breeders’ in every Church, YOU however must strategize against offenses clogging your heart.

Many Christians misrepresent the gospel, let alone Jesus Christ. Sometimes even WE in our brief moments of anger display ungodly traits and say things never to be heard on the lips of a believer. . . People offended you, not God. . . #quotes #quotestoliveby #lifequotes #quoteoftheday #truth #church #flospeaks

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