Jackie Hill-Perry Announces New Album ‘Crescendo’

Hip-Hop artist Jackie Hill Perry is finally releasing the follow-up to her acclaimed Art of Joy, with Crescendo. It is due out May 11th, and is available for free on Humble Beast.


1. Lamentations featuring Latifah Alattas of Page CXVI
Produced by Weathrman
Additional outro music by Latifah Alattas

  1. Hush
    Produced by 1995
    Additional sound design by Braille

  2. No Ways Tired featuring Joseph Solomon
    Produced by 1995 & Obed Padilla
    Bass by Chris Pitoyo
    Piano outro performed by Swoope

  3. Fall Away featuring Natalie Lauren
    Produced by Swoope

  4. Melodies
    Vocals performed by Jordan Welch

  5. Thy Neighbor
    Produced by Trox
    Sermon clip by H.B. Charles Jr.
    Additional vocals by Thomas Terry

  6. Hymn featuring Ambassador, Shai Linne, Da’ T.R.U.T.H. & Braille
    Produced by Trox
    Additional production & arrangement by Braille

  7. Mustard Seed
    Produced by 1995

  8. From Heaven
    Vocals performed by Jordan Welch

  9. Woman featuring Sharon Irving
    Produced by Moral One of Alert 312

  10. Restless
    A: Produced by Braille & Odd Thomas
    Guitar by A.G. Donnaloia
    Bass by Tony Ozier
    B: Produced by J.R.
    Bass by Chris Pitoyo

  11. Maranatha
    Produced by Alex Parham & Braille
    Bass, piano & rhodes by Tony Ozier
    Guitar by A.G. Donnaloia
    Live drums by Moral One
    Additional vocals by John Tucker

  12. Crescendo
    Produced by Braille & Odd Thomas
    Additional vocals by Christina Bell

14. Reprise
Vocals performed by Christina Bell & Kristina Warters

A&R, Recording & Mixing Engineer: Bryan Winchester for Audibly Enhanced
Mastering: Gus Elg for SkyOnion Mastering
Executive Producer: Thomas Terry
Artwork: Anthony Benedetto
Photography: Ashton Trujillo


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