Kingdomboiz Music Lips: 9 Mistakes Upcoming Artistes Make

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What’s your reason for going into music? Are you doing it for the love of the art or just for the spotlight and attention? kingdomboiz presents nine mistakes for you to avoid.

These days it seems there are quite a few independent artistes; some upcoming and even some known who work hard but seem to be struggling on the path to success.
Most times it’s because of the mistakes they make in production or marketing of themselves and their songs. And the truth is talent does not automatically equal success.

Here are some common mistakes artistes make:

1. Going into music for fame

What’s your reason for going into music? Are you doing it for the love of the art or just for the spotlight and attention? The truth is, if you are doing it for the love of the art, fame will come in due time.

Your motive will inspire your creation process. If you are doing it just for fame – eventually you won’t be able to keep up with the creative process and what is required from you. Set realistic expectations.

2. You are waiting for frank edwards to find you

If you are waiting to be discovered by a record label to discover you then you are going to wait a long time! With the structure of the Nigerian music industry, there are only a handful of record labels we can boast of and even some of those labels have internal issues.

3.You release shoddy audio

It is important you put out audio material of good quality. For starters you never know who is listening and if you decide you are going to position yourself on the same level as any of the other established artistes in the industry then you have to get it right.

If you produce for yourself and can’t seem to get it right, then seek out the professionals – sound engineers and producers.

4. You don’t act like a business

You act like an individual and don’t see yourself as a business. You cannot do everything yourself. In order to understand the business of the industry, there are several professionals you should be working with including: a talent manager/agent, music lawyer, music producer, publicist and A&R.

A great post about Music business,  in regard to one of the nigeria’s finest rapper, Gamie’s facebook post.. He said


DearChristianArtiste learn about your industry. People will not buy your music simply because you’re Christian, in fact, chances are that they won’t.
Even Christians don’t buy music from christian artistes, they are busy judging and doing all kinds of other stuff. A lot of Christians are out here
making great music and broke. Why? Not because they don’t trust God… You see God didn’t send us out here just so we can sit in the corner and trust
him. You work while you trust. You work in line with your conviction. It’s not magic. God wants us
to learn on how to engage culture, know the times, learn the ropes, know what works and what doesn’t. So that we can teach the next generation.
Many times when you ask a Christian the secret to success, they respond with (it’s God’s doing and
that’s all) yes I don’t dispute God’s hand in it but what were the steps taken in response to what God laid in your heart. Even the Bible gives details as to the faith process “waiting process” before a breakthrough. People need details, steps, notes, tips and all. We should learn to keep record and
pass to the next generation. Sharing beyond the phrase it’s God’s doing leaves people clueless of the
steps to take in order attain success…


5. You don’t perform live

One of the best ways to get publicize yourself and your brand is through live ministration. It is important you know how to entertain a crowd and deliver your music in such a way people remember you or your song after just one ministration

6. What does your online presence say about you?

Do you have a presence online? The first time anyone hears your music, the first place they’re most likely to search for you is on the Internet. Besides having social media accounts and pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, kingdomboiz, etc), it’s also important you have a website. And you consistently post and engage with fans on this platforms.

7. Copying what’s hot

What works for nathaniel bassey and onos may not necessarily work for you. Their originality is what makes them stars. Be you, be creative and original.

8. Not marketing
Most artistes focus on creating and producing the music forgetting that this material will also need to be marketed. Even if you get your song on iTunes and Souncloud, you still need to have a marketing plan to create awareness.

9. You’re ignoring YouTube
Don’t ignore this – YouTube can serve as a way for you to grow your brand and also as a source of revenue. If you are new to the music industry – asides from uploading your audio clips, videos are a also a great way for you to be discoverable. Several international acts like Justin lecrae The Weeknd and Psy were discovered on YouTube.

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