Kirk Franklin Uses Dove Awards Speech to Urge Christians to Change the Narrative

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Kirk Franklin used the Dove Awards 2016 stage to speak about how Christians can “control the narrative” of the world, and be part of the solution instead of indifferent. 

The music legend won the award for Gospel Artist of the Year, but the accolade came second to the message he had for the viewers. 

“I do not like that the world is controlling the narrative. It should be us [Christians],” he said at the event. “Whether it’s bad preachers, bad police or bad politicians, we have the spirit of redemption when we speak. When we say something, we want to bring it together, not separate it. When police are killed, we need to say something. When black boys are killed, we need to say something, and we don’t say something, we’re are saying something.” 

Franklin pleaded with the mostly Christian creatives crowd to use their platform to be a voice within the constantly changing narrative. 

He then prayed for unity in the church and among people. 

Watch the clip below:

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