Kogi State University: Planning On A Peaceful Protest


Students now want to be heard. Planning on a peaceful protest. Is this a clarion Call?

KOGI STUDENTS WAKE UP! It is no longer news that Bello does not have a heart! Our schools are close down and students are at home hoping for change to happen! “The Safe the future of Kogi students” is here to fight the state government, without fear of victimization, treat to life and risk of the future . How long are students going to wait? 21st of Feb 2017 is the date, 7am is the Time. Come out and let’s shut down Kogi state. Share to all Kogi students. From KSU to KSP to COE Ankpa to COE (T) kabba to sch of Nursing to college of Health tech And even secondary schools. Let’s all join hands to say NO to cruelty. Share till it gets to all kogi students! Enough is Enough.

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