Lady Diagnosed With HIV/AIDS Gets Healed While Iistening To Nathaniel Bassey’s Song

Nathaniel Bassey Took to his IG account to share the testimony..

Good day Sir!

Let me just cut to the Chase

I was diagnosed with HIV 2 years ago.

On Saturday the 9th of Dec, 2017. I was watching The Experience on DSTV

And you were singing “You are God”

Truth be told i have only heard that song in passing. Maybe once or twice. I follow your music well so i was surprised i missed it.

But that day i was struck and listened all through your ministration.

I hurriedly downloaded the song and played it all day long.

I got to church on Sunday (while playing the song on repeat as i drove) and Mike Aremu ministered in that song too. That was no coincidence to me.

So i attended the Praise Concert where you were to minister that evening and you sang same song on repeat.

I shed tears because i knew the heavens were telling me something and i sang every word as a prayer and believed God for a complete healing.

Prior to now my last result showed improvement in my Count and everything generally 

But i wanted a complete healing.

Then you said there is a lady here with a blood issue…God is  doing something. After now go and check.

I strongly believed.

Today i ran a test and it came out…NEGATIVE

I ran the test 3 TIMES!

Words can not describe how grateful i am to our Heavenly Father 

Words can not express how deeply i appreciate his hand on your life. Using you as a medium to so many including me.

My heart sings and my soul rejoices.

God bless you sir, God bless you i can’t fathom words. God bless you and Yours.

Praise to God. 

Olowogbogboro did it. Suddenly!  Just like that!”###
In the same vein, I prophesy to every irreversible and impossible health situation, be reversed in Jesus’ name. To every blood disease, I say be healed in Jesus’ name.
Hallelujah to Jesus!


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