Lara George Reveals The Truth Behind Her Single, Adele’s Cover “HELLO”


For  days now her newest single. Hello (adele’s cover) has been trending and so many nigerians criticized her and she decides to reveal the truth behind her single she said:.


The Lara George version of Adele’s Cover- Some
answers to your questions
First of all, i have to say that i think that you my
friends and ‘likers’ on this page are truly some of
the kindest and most polite people on the face of
the earth! I say that very sincerely because i realise that the internet is that one place where
people go to be anonymous, and under the guise
of anonymity and fake identities, will go on to
exhibit all the meanness that they couldn’t possibly
show in real life for fear of the backlash. So yes!

Thank you all for being so sweet and kind. So, i’m talking about my Adele ‘Hello’ cover today in
an attempt to answer some of your questions ( I
may not answer them all but i will try).


1. Doing a cover of another artiste is NOT piracy as
long as that cover will not be sold commercially. Is it
a tribute? YES! Some of you may ask – ‘but why would you pay tribute to a ‘secular’ artiste?’ The
reason is because, secular or no, we would all be
hypocrites to act as though it is not a big deal to
have almost 1billion combined views of one’s work
on YouTube alone.There are some phenomena that
only happen once in a lifetime. Adele is one of those. Take it or leave it. Let me ask you – if Adele
were your friend, would you invite her to your
parties, your home perhaps? Show off to the world
that you knew her because of her success as an
artiste???? Think about that.

2. I chose Adele because so far, she has not displayed any nudity, profanity or lewdness of any
sort in her works. She has not sung against God
and has not shown anything anti-God in any way,
and yet has gone on to achieve such monumental
success. That, my dear friends, is commendable.
Some of you reading this post, work for organisations that have openly distanced
themselves from anything that has to do with God.
Those organisations will not support anything that
is Gospel or Christian as a matter of policy and yet
you earn your monthly pay from there or receive
contracts from them. Have you associated yourselves with ‘secularism?’

3. So what is the definition of a ‘secular artiste’
really? Am i suddenly a secular artiste because i
sang a song that doesn’t have the name of Jesus in
it? Does it then mean that every single song i sing
must be about Jesus? When i sang ‘I love you’ in my second album, or ‘Chibuzor’ in another album, or
‘love nwantintin,’ was i any less a Christian? Let me
ask you this question: as a Christian who works in a
secular organisation, are you any less of a believer?
When you are an OAP who is born-again but
whose job it is to play secular songs on air, are you a lesser person? Or the high-ranking banker or
corporate entity executive whose job it is to say
‘NO’ to that Christian event just because it is one – is
he or she a lesser believer? There are some
Christians who, if you saw a ‘secular’ artiste and a
gospel one standing side by side, would probably go gaga over the ‘secular’ artiste and not the
gospel one. Does that make you a ‘secular’ person?

4. This same argument came up a few years ago
when i collaborated with an artiste called Lord of
Ajasa on a very GOSPEL and original track of mine by the way. It still amazes me that till date,
apparently the argument still rages. One thing i
know for sure on that matter is that salt is of no use
when it only mingles with itself. My 2-kobo worth
of advice on that matter is this: get out of that box
you have been put in. God didn’t put you on earth to only have ‘Christian’ associations.

5. I may never really fit into any box that i am put
in. I am not your ‘typical’ gospel artiste and i have
never been. Am i inspirational? I hope so. Am i a
Christian? I definitely am. At the end of the day, God
alone will know who serves Him and who doesn’t. I don’t need to wear a robe or pastor a church to
know whether i am a Christian or not. But i also
may not necessarily do it the way that is
‘comfortable’ to your senses all the time. The
Apostle Paul was scorned in his day for ‘mingling’
with so-called unbelievers, and yet, he went on to do so much awesome work for God. Let’s think
about that shall we?

So again i say thank you to those who have
supported my unconventional ways, and to those
who still have questions, please just keep praying
for me, your pastor, the church in Nigeria and all over the world. One day, we will all come to the
point where the eyes of our understanding will be
fully enlightened and all our puzzles will be solved.
Till then, please watch this space for my new single
(an ORIGINAL this time ) coming soon, but for now, keep enjoying this Lara George cover of
Adele’s Hello.
Loving y’all always!

DOWNLOAD Music: Lara George – Hello (Adele Cover)

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21 thoughts on “Lara George Reveals The Truth Behind Her Single, Adele’s Cover “HELLO”

  1. Yup,I feel addressed. I still can’t say that I’m entirely comfortable with the cover,but then who says I have to be? I’ve realised the more I critise someone for being one’s self, the more I stop being myself in fear of gettin’ the same treatment. Hypocrisy Sucks! And yes, the spirit of criticism stirs it! God bless Lara George! I’mma groove to Dansaki this morning by the way!

  2. That’s right Lara, no one has the right to judge. Most of these gospel fans are the ones who make gospel artists want to switch… I can remember reading an article here on KB about how a gospel artiste charged his former church to pay before he can perform… What’s wrong with that? Do you pay for his studio sessions? Did you pay for his videos? Christian folks do not encourage their artistes… I am sure some other gospel artistes would want to do a cover of Adele’s Hello, buh just because of what fans will say, they just lay low instead. God gave you whatever talent you have to praise him and also to make good living for yourself. Get that!!!

    The secular artists know why they are into secular music but inside of them most of them are closer to God much more than some Gospel artists.

    Am sure you reading this, wish to have the kind of voice and fame this so called secular artists have…

  3. Hello ma, we don’t judge you cx we ant God, we react to the cover becx it promote Adele God..
    *you choose Adele bcx she don’t promot nudity or anti-God, I believe you guys ant close, “even if you are” you can’t tell what a distance friend believes in which I trust you don’t know her faith
    *ministarial work is different from official work, in ministry we promote God in our official work we follow the work ethics,pls note that
    *we hit on this becx you have mentor young christains don’t give us such excuses that will make us wanting to choose to promote unbeliever cover”will Don meon,Tasha combs,Nathaniel Bassey etc follow this steps..
    *You have cut across the world with what you believe (By promotin God) never you think you can cut across the world promotin unbelievers cover
    *And lastly photo copy is photo copy “no disrespect ma” we love you and will always do but stay on what we know you to be”Promote God”..less it will drop your ministry
    **and for everone beward we in the last days where even those we look up to will give reasons for nothing..Jesus is Lord

    1. Hi John. It’s a good thing you air your opinion. I’d rather you send the comments to get directly, probably in Facebook. God bless.

  4. I particularly like the point 5. Personally I really feel that people who are known as gospel artistes are leaders that other people pattern their lives after. What we do publicly impacts on people’s judgment and reasoning. I pray God will give us the grace to abide.

  5. We will keep praying for you Sister Lara like you said, especially in the last few times we were getting to know who you really are… We felt a difference in you during your beginning and humble years as an artiste. But please, stop those illusions of deceptive G”od knows who serves Him”.You know if you are God’s… What business has light(which you think you are) got to do with darkness? What lessons are you teaching the upcoming? “No big deal as long as you know your God?”,even if He doesn’t know you. Or your Christianity is of the heart…? It is ok my sister, but check it please, it will not last long. I thought you habe an understanding of 1peter 2:9… Now I know you got up there and got into IDENTITY CRISIS. Lastly I say, with all your philosophical and inspirational wisdom, how will God feel if He looks down on earth to behold you Lara George? Hopefully, what you did has glorified His name?

    1. And who are you pastor to say who is light and darkness? When we see and experience the bullshit pastors give to us in church.pls keep quiet and pray for her if you think she has got it wrong.

  6. I agree with you Mr John, she brought out good points but it’s ain’t good enough to justify your point,let them do our cover instead eg Psquare- Buneya. We need to be careful in this period we are in.

    I love Lara very much but she should have kept mute because she’s got no good defense.

    Now the question is;are you a gospel artist? Or, a secular artist?

    God bless you! God knows we ain’t perfect that’s why pencils comes with eraser

  7. I get worried when I see God’s people or people in “church clothes” casting stones. If Jesus was to live in this era, a lot of us “wouldn’t roll” with him cos he might not “fit into the box” of our doctrines and “holier than thou” attitude. I love Lara George’s music and honestly understand her point(s). I believe Lara’s cover of hello would serve as a gateway to people who are outside the church to her other “church” songs and inevitably to Christ. By pointing fingers at Lara, we are inevitably labelling Adele a sinner (God-forbid our hypocrisy reaches that point).

  8. Answering rummors without bases is trivial Lara. N for yur reasons for doin what y did are more flimsy. Yu chose gospel, it doesn’t stop Yu from enjoyin good music. But tryin to defend someone Yu kno nothing at all about cos Yu feel guilt isn’t a good move dear. Cos justifyin Adele doesn’t justify you…

  9. The major problem here is that people seem to believe that ‘secularity’ is the same thing as ‘satanic’ or ‘devilish’!

    Secular music is music about life in general, by definition Secular means: “things that have no religious or spiritual basis” for example your job has no spiritual basis, it’s a secular job, it’s not a devilish job!

    It doesn’t mean that you have fallen from grace or you are a sinner!

    The song in question is a clean song! So people should stop being bigots!

  10. Its important we all have wisdom as Christians. #LaraGeorge just demonstrated that, and i believe she just out of her pool of anointed wisdom, brightened herself and enlightened some people who were throwing stones.
    I love her points. Nudity, profanity, godlessness, drugs abuse, lewdness, and other immoral stuffs are what takes that responsible christian life off a person.
    Salt is of no effect when it mingles with itself, that’s why we need born again christians as OAPs, Sportsmen, politicians, and as other influential people. Mingling with the secular world doesn’t make them less, it’s rather a way of getting to constantly remind them that even though you do same things together, there’s a need to embrace Christ and start living Holy. If you’re truly a believer, your life should give them reasons to like your Jesus. Many sinners have embraced salvation via this link.
    Be it Chris Brown, Jay-Z, ALICIA KEYS, 2face, Mr Songz, etc. if i come across any of their songs that can help me potray my message well (and of course has no profanity on it), i can do a cover of it.

    If we so distant ourselves from the world, we’d hardly win souls. When i turned my back on my family members, i saw how much of loss it was. Now i demonstrate better, the word of God through my talent to them, and i have more friends who enjoy my presence as a gospel ambassador.
    I pray for the Church. Pray for the gospel also

  11. My problem is that she didn’t even change a word out of the song,she for just change the words and do d cover na,How can a pastor preach in the exact words of Mandela because Mandela is a Hero??? Are we conforming to the world,as in inspiration from bible done finish,she for just carry Songs of Solomon sing 1 chapter with the tone if she wanted to sing a love song

  12. But when He who is the SPIRIT OF TRUTH comes, He will guide into all truth. Having cited that, we must all desist from watering down sound doctrine, simply because we have landed a convenient justification. I believe this doesn’t call for a tussle instead a need to be watchful in prayer. For the times are upon us and too much of knowledge is gradually pulling us down, soon we will be under if we continue to navigate it’s end. My humble call is that we please pray more and complain less. Behold I come quickly and my reward is with me; friends He assures He will give to everyone according to what he or she has done. Selah!

  13. Thank u Lara George, we’r all growing but respnding to ur No.3 answer. All what we do as Christians should be about Jesus, whether we work, sing, crack jokes etc. We might not mention the Name Jesus, but He should be the focus. Jesus is all that matters in this world, He’s wat makes heaven so beautiful. Thanks I love u, I luv ur songs. God bless u.

  14. when Jesus or Paul, as you earlier mentioned, interacted with the unbelievers, what was their motive? To what end do you do secular covers? To what end pls?

  15. The sad truth is that most of us don’t know a thing about heaven or making it…we feel we do, but in all sincerity, we don’t.
    Most people casting stones are comitting secret sins that no one knows oo…selah

    Some might have just finished sleeping around before casting stones…even casting stones is a big sin..what does Jesus have to say about that?….

    Are u implying that if she prays tomorrow, God will not answer her?

  16. Let the judjes of the world judje oneday we shall all be judjed by judje of all judjes who judjes with justice.

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