“Learn To Support Your Favourite Artists” – OkeySokay Speaks


Dear Fam / fans / AC’s, we the artistes go through / spend so much to create content for your listening / viewing pleasure. This is the process ( in-case you never know

1. Song writing ( Some just buy songs from song writers) = 20 – 250k
2. Music Production (sequencing, recording, mixing and mastering depending on who you work with) = between  30-350k
3. Shoot video ( at least 350k of which you’ll want us to shoot Clarence’s standard which would cost around #3-6 million .
4. Promotion (online /radio) = from 10k – 10m depending on how effective you want the promo to be or based on RELATIONSHIPS with OAP’S .

You see that because we love you we go through so much (some with Abeg Bros epp me, I no get sponsor) just to create and get this content to you. The most painful part is we even PAY BLOGGERS TO PUT IT UP FOR FREE so you can download FOR FREE ( just like JESUS CHRIST paid so much just to die for us for free).
If we spend all of these creating just one song for you and put it up for free always and / or grace your occasion for free, how do we get resources to create more content for you.
The next time your favourite artiste puts out a material, if it blesses you, the least you can do is repost . You can go the extra mile by asking for account number or go on digital stores to buy their material(s).

Learn to support your favourite artists so they don’t give up on this dream and you too would not be short of good music / content . GOD BLESS YOU our dear Fam, Fans / AC’s as you support us morally,  financially ,SPIRITUALLY and in all GOOD WAYS. . We love you and we promise to keep making good music for you. Make you self try for us and the LORD would bless you ,enlarge your heart and your pocket also . AMEN.


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