Marital Bliss Ministry: Raising Strong Singles 1john 2:14

Marital Bliss Ministry is purely evangelical is nature and approach

Our aim is to raise singles who are strong, have God’s word in their heart and will be able to overcome the wicked one

We provide mentorship for singles via godly counsel which will in turn position them for marital bliss.

To mentor and guide singles on how to escape marital errors via godly counsel

We are out to show singles on to go about their marital lives and not and up in regret. There is how to do it and God will be glorified. Copying the standard of the world is absolutely uncalled for as we believers have got a better option. And God is it.

Marriage is nobody’s idea but God’s. So no man can get the best of marriage without the input of the owner.

We like to let singles know that courtship can be without complications. A heartbreak is not compulsory. And disappointment is optional

To raise young men/women who are strong with God’s word I. Their hearts, so as to defeat the devil.

To teach and provide godly counsel on how to be strong through the instrumentality of the word of God.

We hold quarterly meetings for singles. Its always an avenue to dish out godly counsels to singles, which will enable them become strong and sound maritally.
It’s also a time of interaction with each other under the leading of the Holy Spirit

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Host: Pst. Olajide Agbeje.

Venue: Ebenezer Baptist Church makers kakuri (subject to change though).

Mobile: 07083651333

Email: Maritalblissforever

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Marital Bliss Ministry: Raising Strong Singles 1john 2:14
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