Minstrel’ O Invites You To Participate In The “JesusIsAliveChallenge”

Onyedikachi Promise Ibe AKA Minstrel’ O is a Minstrel by the Spirit of God; II. Kings 3:15 A professional Acoustic guitarist and an Architect by Discipline.

He is most passionate about Christ and his word, God’s Kingdom and prayer.

He is a lover of spontaneous Worship in Spirit and in truth and goes about to express his worship through anointed and strategic playing of his acoustic guitar in providing Holy Spirit filled and inspired atmospheres for God’s People to sing from their hearts depth unto the Lord at any given opportunity, time and place.

He is also a professional acoustic guitar Tutor and great music studio production assistant for adding his acoustic guitar sounds to music productions.
#JESUSISALIVECHALLENGE was inspired by Rolake Kolawole AKA Riola and is powered by Minstrel’ O. It is intended to be more than a challenge but a very unconventional way of musically and cheerfully spreading the gospel that…

JESUS IS ALIVE! All over the world by enganging people everywhere to sing along with his 1min acoustic guitar soundtrack of the popular Christian song chorus; ‘Jesus is alive’.


He’s alive Amen
He’s alive
Jesus is alive forever
He’s alive Amen.

Minstrel’ O presently resides in Kaduna state Nigeria.

You can contact Minstrel’O using the following media:

Mobile: +234 813 885 1996

Email: [email protected]

You can reach Minstrel’ O through the following
social media handles…

Instagram: @minstrel_o

Facebook: Minstrel’ O

Tiktok: Minstrelo

Twitter: Minstrel__O

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