MUSIC Video +Audio: Josh Blayze – No One Like You

Josh Blayze, a Nigerian born, Chicago based gospel music minister, has released the first single of his upcoming titled NO ONE LIKE YOU! Off Hi forth coming album titled An Afropop upbeat song will cause you to dance and praise God like never before.

You can watch the video on YouTube and download the songs through the links below:



Facebook: Josh Blayze

Instagram: jblayze1

Twitter: Joshblayze


No one like you (Josh Blayze)
No one like you Jehovah
No one like you eh

Searched all over/3x
Can’t find no one like you

Looked all over/3x
Can’t find no one like you

Who can compare to my God
Who can compete with my God
No one can deny that He is faithful and true
No one can deny that He is powerful and strong oh
No one can do the things you do Jehovah
No one can love ne like you

No one (No one)

Eeeeeeh! Jesus I praise you
Jesus I praise you (I praise you)

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