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Prudence Chisom Nwachukwu, Is a vessel God has been using to reach out to souls through music especially Gospel. She has a sonorous voice that has served as a backing vocals to Amb. Chinyere Udoma amongst many others.

After much service in the churches like Winner’s Chapel, Streams of Joy, Zionhill Global, She is ready to take part in the Worship ministry in Nigeria and World-wide.

This track ‘Oke Mmuo’ commemorates her first Year with Tsoule Media Records, a recording outfit that supports gospel music.

OKE MMUO is a worship chant that talks about the praises of God almighty and it’s her debut

Prudence started singing since when she was a toddler.

She has composed numerous songs and she is ready to let the whole world hear it. The Video was directed by His record label Boss Joseph Tsoule.

Download & be blessed


Watch Video Below:

Producer: Emmanuel Ahamefule

Directed: by Joseph Tsoule


Instagram @official_prudence

Twitter @prudencemusic

Facebook: Prudence

YouTube : Tsoule Media | Prudence | Preferred Nation

Audio available on all digital platforms




oh oooo Jesus

my everloving father

Okemmuo ne ri oke aja

you deserve my praise

Okemmuo ne ri oke aja…

oh Ever faithful God is your name

oke mmuo Neri Oke Aja (agbanwe agbanwe, Jesus)

you deserve my praise

Okemmuo na re oke aja

Chi ne dozi ogbu gba ndu

chi ne lete umu ya Anya

oji ji Ji jide mma m

ono ne li gwe aba mba

ino ne li gwe ne buru m agha

eze ino ne li gwe agugum obi(ahya)

chi ne debe ogbugnandu

chi ne lezi ogbugnandu

iwu nu chika di bia mu oooo

alanga na tuagbu eze

Jehovah Tsidkenu

oke mmuo ni ne ri oke aja

what will I bring to you my king

owu nu GI NE bu lu mpi mu elu

ezem I ne bu lu isi m elu

oke mmuo ni me ri oke aja

my source

my sustainer

my righteousness

my announcer that is who you are

eze you deserve my Praise

oke mmuo ne ri oke aja

oji nkata kulu mmiri eze

k’ihere we me ndi ji oba leh

oke mmuo ni ne ri oke aja

ochendu eligweeeeee

eze I am complete in you God.

iwu eze m.

iwu ngaga me Eze

iwu ngaga me Eze

Lord you’re my pride you’re my source

oloro ihe biara ilom oh

oloro ihe biara ilom oh

oloro ihe biara ilom oh

ochendu eligwe (oloro ihe biara ilom)


eze m oma

oloro ihe biara ilom

you fight my battle and you ask me to hold my peace


Oke osisi ne kwu na okute

I na Puru dike mgwo gu yem baka

oloro ihe biara ilom

I gu gwo wa nu mu obi 3x

my comforter has comforted me


igu guo lam obi

eze ndi eze

agbawa agbanwe

dike izu agba ga ria ya

apata ne ku nwa

nta nta mmiri na tu ju ulo

I gu guo lam obi

eze3x eze ndi eze ne ze ze

otiti pharoah mmawu 3x

oke mmuo me ri oke aja

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