MUSIC Video: Dunsin Oyekan – Amazing God

Amazing” by Dunsin Oyekan is that song that shows immersion of God’s wondrous works. He’s out with the new video. He said

He One day around 3am, it started raining as I was worshipping on the piano. The rain was characterized by thunderstorms, wind and the likes. The LORD asked me… “Dunsin, what is that? I said thunder… He answered and said “No I am speaking, you call it thunder but that’s Me speaking”

Every element of nature explains the acts of GOD!

Psalm 29… The Voice of the LORD thunders….. *Releasing this video today to celebrate the birthday of my wife who has gone to be with the LORD as this is one of her favorites… The memory of the Just is blessed. Love you Bybes…

Watch & download video below:


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