MUSIC Video: Dwight Junior – Young Kids


“Young Kids” is the music from Dwight Juniors new
album /Runaway/, that released in February via
Sling Shot Media Group.

Life is what you make it. People spend so much time
trying to live a life that’s not theirs. Young Kids was
written when I came home from work one day and
really wanted to express the joy I had about simply
enjoying my life. I have fun with my friends, rap is
my favorite hobby and people say I’m a foolish dreamer. It sounds like the typical story of the
youth today, but there is something different about
us. They label us as runaways, because we’re
different. We choose honesty over compromise.
They say us young kids don’t have a meaning in
what we do, but we will change the world. For now, our mission is to live this evening like it’s our
last. You only get one chance to live tonight, make it
last forever. Make it count for eternity.

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