MUSIC Video: Skrip – [email protected] Friends

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Chicago-based artist Skrip released a new single and music video called “[email protected] Friends” with the pre-order for his upcoming self-produced album Exposition . 

“Friends, how many of us have them? I’ve met a lot of people throughout my life who smiled in my face and went behind my back, people who I’ve had nothing but love for, insincerity is a cancer in the industry, family and the church.” Skrip says. “We have a lot more people in our lives that talk lots and do less, and there is tension in dealing with that, maneuvering rough patches in relationships and trying to be the bigger person. In the end It’s all in how we handle those who say their our friends that reveal our own heart, regardless of their behavior or attitude toward us.”

Exposition is set to drop on Novemeber 25.

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