MUSIC Video: Sweetleke – My Lover Chant (Official Video)

My Lover Chant is really not a song (it’s about me and my Lover). It’s an heart-cry and expression of gratitude in honour of thae sacrifice of Jesus on my behalf; how He found, chose and called me all because of His Mercy.

He was able to endure the pains and suffering on the cross with the thought of my name in His heart and my name in His mouth. He was publicly hung naked as my sin. He refused to give up because he saw treasures in me. He was willing to die in shame.

A king became a man of sorrow and nothing about Him was desirable. Oh my lover is the beauty of my life and my desire is that all men will experience Him for themselves. That we may know Him far beyond the stories that we’ve heard or the books we’ve read. My brother and sister, My Lover knows you by name. He sees your heart and knows what you are currently going through. He is here to help you.


Receive His help Today. God loves you..

Watch Video Below:


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