“My Appreciation/Admonition To Women Worldwide” – Sabina NP

Womanhood is divine! Being a woman means being superhuman! Today I celebrate women all over the world irrespective of your journey. God made all things beautiful, but the woman? He made her the carrier of the earth’s sustainability! On International Women’s day today, I appeal to women worldwide to pay attention to raising GOOD sons just as they do to raising GOOD daughters!

I appeal to you to stop hating on your fellow woman, this is the world’s trick to break our sisterhood because they know what a blessing we can be to one another and are scared of our unified strength! Women our beauty radiates more and refreshes the earth much more when we support each other! I celebrate your courage, your strength, your beauty! Together let’s say I AM STRONG, I AM BEAUTIFUL, I AM DIVINE, I AM UNSTOPPABLE, I AM THE EARTH’S FERTILITY! I AM WOMAN! And to all the women of have stood by me, I salute you specially!

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