Nathaniel Bassey Shares Testimony About How Her Sister Survived Motor Accident


He Said!!!

At the end of this program, somebody will definitely sing a NEW SONG. I heard NEW SONG YESTERDAY while meditating.
By the way, God also delivered my sister from what would have been a terrible motor accident. Please read:#########
“I joined the 30day challenge and added a 30 day fast alongside
Earlier today I had this fleeting thought of myself on a wheel chair after the tongues session-It just came like a flash through my mind . I decided to go for uncle isaac’s wake today in shomolu .We were at a traffic stop -that  intersection before getting to the road that leads to jibowu .My Uber driver ran the red light after I specifically objected to him doing so !He had thought he could make it just in time past an oncoming trailer not knowing there was a danfo on top speed right beside the trailer that he didn’t see -we escaped by just by a quarter of a nano second-I want to thank God for deliverance -with the speed the Danfo was on and the speed my driver was on just so he drove past the trailer would have made for dangerous impact .God is good” – V. Bassey.

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