Nathaniel Bassey Shares Tips Of Becoming A Good Song Writer

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Nathaniel took to his instagram page to share this lovely tips.. He said::

If you are a Christian song writer, you should cultivate the following habits;
1. Keeping a journal: I.e, writing and jotting down your thoughts and ideas. The more you write, the better you become.
2. Reading and meditating. Cultivate the habit of deep thinking.
3. Keep an audio diary. I.e, record sounds, songs that come to you.
remember there is a HEART and an ART to song writing.
And let me speak about producers. When it’s time to produce your songs, find a producer that LISTENS. Not just a very skillful one. Someone you are able to connect with, and also discuss the idea and concept of the song. It is important that producers do not entrench their own ideas, wholly, on your song. What do I mean? Simple, when you have an idea, or better still receive and idea for a song in a place of prayer and fellowship with God, it is important that the major or core ideas are maintained. Hence the importance of having a listening producer who would take a journey with you to find those things that must be reflected in the song(s). Truth is, the producer needs to be a spiritual person, who is able to identify THE RIGHT sound for your song.
You may have a very anointed song, but a wrong production process can kill it. So you should prayerfully choose a producer.
As usual, this tip

is free of charge. Lol.

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