Nathaniel Bassey Shares Useful Tips – Worship In Truth (Spiritual And Musical Truth)


Are you A gospel artists? This Tips is for you.. Gospel minister Nathaniel bassey shares useful tips..”worship in Truth”


WORSHIP IN TRUTH…. (Spiritual and Musical truth)
Like i said earlier saints, i believe it is possible to
make both spiritual and musical sense in worship.
Lets share some musical things now.
The keyboard player controls the harmony of the
music. The bass guitar, however serves as the
root, and by this we mean it defines the chords.
The drummer, as we all know sets the Rhythm and
groove. These, are they which bear witness in
worship. (LOL) This unit is called the Rhythm
section. The guitars, horn, percussions etc are
additional or auxilliary instruments. These are
instruments of colour and flavour. What do I mean?
Unlike the Rhythm section, these are not expected
to dominate, they are meant to just colour, spice
up and grace the music. So a trumpet or sax, or
any other auxilliary instrument should not play all
the time. They come in occassionally, and
sparcely. Doing other wise, makes the music busy
and in some cases noisy.
The bass player must work with the keyboard
player to create the harmonies. What i find and ear
many times in churches are cases where the
bassist just plays without recourse to what the
keyboardist is doing. The bass is so powerful, it
can change the coplextion of a particular chord
with every passing note. Also, the bass must work
in sync with drummer. Dynamics is so important
msic. Very important. Rest or space is also part of
music. Sometimes, observing a rest can be the
best sounding note. Something i learnt a long time
from a Berklee module is this, ” To appreciate
loudness, you should first play low, and to
appreeciate calmness, you should play loud”. What
does this mean? You cant keep playng loud all the
time, and also low and calm everytime. It is the
skilfuk mixture of these two expressions and use of
other technques of musical dynamics that help
make great sounding music. I hope this makes
sense to you.
So put this to practice tomorrow in church. Dont
just play, play and play. Sometimes listening to
others can be the best thing you have done.
God bless you.

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