News: Datin Addresses Lecrae Not Defending Christian Rap, Lecrae Responds


God Over Money emcee Datin took exception to what he deemed a shot at Christian Hip-Hop by Lecrae in his recent interview with Sway in the Morning. Datin uploaded a video to explain some of his issues, and Lecrae responded. Rather than escalate into anything further, a resolution was reached, and grace was found.

Datin posted a video at 7:42 a.m. on Facebook with the title “Dear Lecrae.” The video has since been deleted but was provided to us by the emcee in order to properly give the entire picture without anyone jumping to conclusions. 

The emcee approached the subject praising Lecrae’s efforts. He humbly acknowledged all the great Lecrae has done for Christian Hip-Hop and then addressed what he had a problem with. In no way did Datin give off an angry and “this is what you need to do attitude.” Instead, he simply explained how he and other artists in genre feel sometimes. 

The God Over Money emcee took issue with what he felt is a constant whether unintentional or not, put down of Christian rap. Often times he answers questions about it, and leaves it open-ended, or as Datin called not “cleaned up.”

“In the same way you affirm cats like Chance and K Dot and Kanye with ease, man there’s so many cats you can affirm on this side. And look, I’m not looking for a God Over Money shout out…there are so many dudes on this side that make authentic quality hip-hop and don’t compromise the message of the gospel, and they deserve to be heard,” said Datin. “…Consider that for the next interview bro…we on this side supporting you, representing you, we’re proud of you, but after some of these interviews we feel like the nerdy little brother you don’t want to bring around your cool friends.”

Watch the entire clip below:

Apparently, Lecrae was up and listening because he responded directly on Datin’s page. He wrote the following: 


Datin took a screenshot of the above post and uploaded it to Instagram with an explanation. 

“Some of y’all be wildin’ ! My last post was never meant to become a platform for cats to bash @Lecrae… I addressed a concern in love and he responded in humility and even apologized. That was a real stand up move if you ask me. Intent fulfilled, video deleted and we moving on. #Salute Crae” 

Hear Lecrae’s original comments on Sway in the Morning here

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