News: Freshmen Davis Absolute Signs With Xist Music


Atlanta-based record label Xist Music announced
the signing of a new artist on Wednesday, Freshman 15 member Davis Absolute.

“We signed Davis Absolute to carry the torch of
great artistry and a powerful message,” Xist Music’s
CEO, T. Black, said. “We’re excited to support him as
an artist!”

“He brings a fresh, young energy, with well-
thought out lyricism and creativity,” Xist Music
President and fellow artist Sean Simmonds said.
“With his ‘rising freshman’ status, he helps position
us for the long-term. The future look extremely

The past two January’s, Davis Absolute released
free albums on Rapzilla, Thought Poet in 2014 and Grown in 2015. His debut album is more than halfway done and will be one of several 2016 Xist
releases, according to the label, which wrote the
following of him in its press release.

“Davis Absolute, real name Akande Davis, was born
to a military family and fell in love with hip-hop at
an early age. Strongly influenced by legendary hip-
hop artists like Nas, the Fugees, Saigon, Rakim,
Lupe Fiasco and Kendrick Lamar, you can find
traces of those great MC’s in his music. Davis looks to spread his message of positivity and true
happiness through his music, aiming to captivate
listeners through his lyrics. Venturing outside the
realm of material possessions and short-lived
pleasures. Davis touches on real topics and
meaningful discussion through his music, communicating a message with staying power.”

“I’m a hip-hop artist with a message that’s far from
the media’s inaccurate representation of life’s true
meaning,” Davis Absolute said. “Love, life, religion
and the struggle of trying beat to your
circumstances are woven throughout lyrics of a
truth that’s heartfelt and absolute. This is the way hip hop is supposed to be.”

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