News: Instagram Live Videos & Disappearing Photos Introduced

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Instagram is slowly becoming more and more like its competitors and counterparts in an attempt for social media dominance after two new updates rolling out. 

The latest Instagram update was focused on better integrating Boomerang for the platform but it also introduced live videos, like Facebook, and photos that disappear, like Snapchat. 

Instagram Live is a new feature that lets you broadcast yourself to all your followers instantly. This video will disappear once the real time video is over unless Instagram deems it worthy enough for the explore page. 

Much like Facebook Live, Instagram Live will have comments appear as they come in. You will also be notified when someone goes live. 

Another new feature allows users to send pictures to a select number of friends that can message back and forth on, two times. After this exchange, the photo will disappear. 

Watch these clips below to learn about the updates: 

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