News: Israel Houghton Divorce – As Ekiye Blames Pastors


The news of another Divorce in Christiandom was
received with a lot of frustration on my part when
it hit me.  Isreal Houghton is among the world most
respected Gospel artist
He is one of my favourites although my best still
remains KirkFrankline . The five time Grammy Award winning artist who
announced his divorce on social Media recently
was very plain with the truth .

He apologized for what he described as a
“personal failure” after he revealed he had “failed
and sinned” in their marriage

asked for prayers and privacy as the
couple handled their divorce
Houghton, known for songs such as “Friend of
God”, and the very popular “you are alpha and
Omega” said the couple had been “working
through this for over 5 years”.”Although we tried, the challenges in our relationship have proven too
much to overcome,” he wrote. It is understood the
couple have been seperated for a significant
length of time before announcing their divorce


I will not make statements that have the capacity to
denigrate a colleague who has become one of the
casualties of a world where dwindling rate of
morality has even eaten into the fabric of the
church . And Infact I sincerely comfort him in this
difficult time of his life. Nobody can arrogate to himself capacities of
impeccability as to sit somewhere and condemn a
fallen hero especially a collleague.

However this spate of divorces from the Christian
world is sending quite an execrable feeling of
denigration and degradation .
I have always sighted some instances to my
friends whom I discuss these issues with.
If our fathers and mothers who are unbelievers, Never had the Holy Spirit, didn’t read the Bible and
never spoke in tongues, Lived successfully as
married couples sometime, till d glorious ages of
80s, and 90s, what excuses  do we have as
believers for our inability to have successful
marriages . It also means that the principles of successful marriages goes beyound undue over
There must be something wrong with this age.

Another most devastating angle to this albatross ,
is d fact that pastors are becoming the leading
divorce victims in the world. Those who occupy
the altars and ideally should be doling out laws of
longevity for marriage and lectures like, “how to
last in marriage” are the same people teaching us how best to divorce with scriptural backing. That
brings me to a key issue of American Christianity.
Sincerely if you ask me what I think about
American pastors, my candid opinion is that they
have done both good and evil to the kingdom.
They contributed a great deal to the spread of the gospel and they have also become the major bad
influence in d world . And it is a pity that most
African pastors now think that anything American
is scriptural. Infact foundational gospel living
should be sent afresh again to the USA.
The USA pastors bequeathed some of the unhealthy practices
That has now become the norm in Nigeria and
other African country . And more are coming . I
hear they now have gay Pastors, and gradually
our detest for homosexuality is giving way to a
passive acceptance. Where is our message of ” for better for worse? Oh!
They have told us there is a way scriptures
approve Divorce and more and more pastors and
ministers are joining the list daily!  So if our pastors
are leading in divorce why won’t we their
members join the queue. This is a clarion call to all believers. Let the scripture
be our standard rather than anybody no matter
how highly placed.

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