News: Jackie Hill-Perry on Controlling Your Tongue & Using it to Bless

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Jackie Hill-Perry is a frequent panelist on The Gospel Coalition because of her amazing insight on problems of the human condition. The trio of speakers also includes Nancy Guthrie and Jen Wilkin. 

The topic at hand in this discussion is “How Do You Rein on Your Tongue?” 

“I’m really terrible in this area because I tend to be really quick with my thoughts…I know often times my speech is impulsive so it’s coming out of my heart first,” the rapper said. “Something is wrong here [points to heart], before I can fix here [points to head].” 

The group spoke about the tongue’s power to both be a creator and a destroyer, a blesser and encourager. 

“This is a big deal, to honor God and to love people…words are huge. The Word of God is huge,” Hill-Perry said. 

Watch the full clip below: 

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