News: Lecrae ‘Blessings’ Screenshots & Video Clip Previewed


Lecrae’s music video for the song “Blessings” featuring Ty Dolla $ign premieres tomorrow and today a sneak peek was made available on XXL. 

Some of the early screenshotsshow Lecrae and Ty outside of a house during what appears to be a family party. 

“Inspiration for the video was a lot of the ‘90s movies like Boyz n the Hood, Soul Food, Menace II Society, Big Momma’s House vibe,” Lecrae told XXL. “We wanted to paint a picture of family and the blessing of having friends and family and kids, and uncles, and aunties, big mama. It’s also a lot of how my childhood was. My family would throw parties all the time and it would be a lot of laughing, drinking, dancing, spades and dominoes and that was a great time for me.” 

Check out a little clip from Lecrae’s Instagram below:

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