News: Northern CAN Accuses President Buhari For Marginalising The Christians


– The Northern Christian Association of Nigeria
(CAN) has berated the government of President
Muhammadu Buhari for marginalising the

The Northern CAN said the appointments done
by the president so far are skewed against the
Northern Christians

The Christians Association of Nigeria (CAN) in the
19 Northern states with the Federal Capital Territory
(FCT), Abuja inclusive has criticised the
administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for
not favouring the Northern Christians in his

The chairman of the Northern CAN Reverend
Yakubu Pam advised President Muhammadu Buhari
to be just in the selection of political appointments
in the nation.

Nigeria’s president Muhammadu Buhari

In a statement issued over the weekend in Jos, the
Plateau state capital by the group, it lamented the
non-inclusion of qualified Christians in the
appointment into major positions by the
administration of President Buhari despite the high
number of qualified Christians from all the Northern states.

According to the Northern Christian group, while
there were insinuations from the Southern region
that the appointment made so far were in favour of
the North, there are proofs on ground which
showed the appointments were skewed in favour
of Muslims in the core north to the detriment of Christians in other Northern regions.

The chairman of the Northern Christian group
called for fairness and equity in the selection of
qualified Nigerians into positions by the
government, while emphasising that the
appointments made so far since 2015 by the
president has generated concerns among Northern Christian groups, with Pam citing the appointment
of security Chiefs as typical example.

The group also called on the president to do an
analysis of his appointments so far in order to
ensure that all regions in the country were given a
sense of belonging.

The Northern leaders advised President Buhari to
do as the father of all and not to permit some
people around him to influence him into taking
decisions that would affect the progress of the

While the Northern CAN is complaining about
President Buhari’s style of administration,

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