News: Nutty Josh Shares Testimony Of How God Saved Him From A Fatal Car Accident


Wow. Who would have done this if not God. #FaithfulGod. One of the nigerian top rated artiste “Nutty Josh” decides to share with us how God saved him from a fatal accident..
He Says:

Thats my car being towed by a towing van just on
the outskirts of benin city. What happened?
I was on my way to warri from lagos, early
yesterday when I started hearing sounds on the
legs of my car. Immediately I SLIGHTLY held onto
brakes and allowed the car roll a bit. Immediately after, the tires were wubbling seriously, while being
flagged by by-passers. Glory to GOD, I was able to
bring it to a complete stop and den realised the
right tie rod had pulled out completely. If u are
experienced with tie rods, once it pulls out on a
speed above 100km, it’s an automatic summersault.

1st miracle, the car came to a stop.
Thank GOD for the wisdom not to hold tight onto
the brakes, that would have caused a terrible

2nd miracle, there was a towing van
just opposite were I parked. 3rd miracle, even
though the mechanics couldn’t find the parts, they were able to work the tie rods well enough. And I
got to warri on time for the meeting. GOD IS
FAITHFUL and funny enough, I had INSIDE
INFORMATION, so I wasn’t surprised when it
happened plus also, I knew immediately how to
control the car absolutely WITHOUT an iota of fear. That’s the work of the HOLY GHOST.
with HIM, they are no coincidences, just GOD-
INCIDENCES. #Testimony #SavedByGrace #LifeOfAminister. #GODisFaithul

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