News: Social Club Misfits’ Marty, Shares How He Came Back to God

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Around a week after Fern of the Social Club Misfits shared hisamazing testimony, Marty is here to share his. 

Marty explained that he was raised in church. His parents went to Brooklyn Tabernacle and were part of the choir. Church was engrained into his life from an early age. 

He wound up at another church, and after being heavily involved his family confronted their pastor about a “moral failure.” They did so privately as to not embarrass the pastor. The next service, the pastor kicked out Marty and his family in front of the entire congregation and painted them to be the bad guys. 

“I’ll never go back to church ever again. I told God that,” he shared. “[Then spent] A couple of years trying to find my own way.” 

He became friends with the Christian hip-hop group Rhema Soul, and they poured into his life. 

“I never could escape a week without someone saying, ‘Hey, you need to get your life right’.” 

These genuine relationships helped Marty find his way back to God and the church. 

From there, Marty eventually started Social Club Misfits, and the duo vowed to keep it honest and real. 

“I kind of got destroyed and rebuilt again,” Marty said, and then revealed he is at a better place than ever before. 

Watch the full clip below: 

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