News: Trip Lee Explains Title Of His Mixtape ‘The Waiting Room’

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Reach Records released a promo video this week for Trip Lee’s upcoming mixtape The Waiting Room, in which he explained the name of the project. 

“There was a line on The Good Lifeon a song ‘Take Me There’ where I said, ‘I can’t wait. Please take me soon. Till then, I’ll be praising in the waiting room.’ And I always thought that was a cool way to just think about this life,” Trip said, “It’s the waiting room…

“We’re waiting on so much stuff. We’re waiting on our dreams. We’re waiting on our spouse. We’re waiting for Jesus to come back. We’re waiting for perfect justice. And this whole world’s like a waiting room, so that’s what the whole record’s about — just thinking of all the things we have to wait for; tough things in this life, good things in this life ”

The Waiting Room will drop on Dec. 9. Pre-order here.

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