News: Trip Lee Explains Why Christians Should Take About Race


Atlanta-based pastor and rapper Trip Lee sat down
with Desiring God to talk about, “How the Gospel of
Grace Speaks to Race,” and he offered three
minutes and 20 seconds of insight.

“There have been lots of incidents in the last few
years that have stirred up lots of racial
conversation,” he said, “a lot of them having to do
with unarmed black men being killed — often by
authorities, police officers.”

Trip explained that as painful as these incidents are,
and as challenging as they are to address, the
church should be intentional about doing so.

“The world is talking about these things because
they keep happening,” he said, “and it would be a
wasted opportunity for us if we didn’t ask
ourselves, ‘There are terrible things happening out
there. … What kind of prejudice is happening within
our churches? What kind of unwillingness to bend for the sake of unity happen inside our churches?
What types of stereotypes do I believe? What type
of racial prejudice exists in my heart?’

“If we don’t ask those questions, I think we’re
making a mistake, and if we don’t think about how
the gospel that we preach speaks into those, we’re
making a mistake.”

Trip then expounded on how the gospel speaks to
race-related tragedies.

“We see this racial divide out in the world, and
Jesus says, ‘Hey, people are going to know you’re
my disciples by the way you love one another.’ Let’s
show the world the kind of unity the gospel can
produce,” Trip said. “Then when the world comes
among us, they at least see little bits of, ‘These people would never be friends. What’s going on

Watch his full interview below.

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