News: You Think “Tim Godfrey” Is Right? See what Happened…


Yaaaaaaa.. It has finally come to this, recently we recieved a report from our end that our nigerian gospel music artiste “Tim Godfrey” was invited to minister in his former church in kaduna,

unfortunately, they were suprised when “Tim Godfrey” charged them a million naira for the invitation..

A member of the zone contacted us  and it was confirmed and actually the rumour already  spread and users making some hilarious statement like
“WHY SHOULD HE CHARGE HIS FORMER CHURCH” and if truly he has done that Or Not. 

BUT GENERALLY!!! Do you think is right for  any gospel artiste to charge his former church or direct them to the management for an invitation after a long time of living the church

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32 thoughts on “News: You Think “Tim Godfrey” Is Right? See what Happened…

  1. well, I personally don’t like the idea of placing a price on yourself as a music minister, I believe those who will invite me should be able to at least appreciate & honor God in my life with whatever they think accurate. It’s Just my Prayer that God should bless me in abundance that I won’t have to depend on external sources of money as a music minister.

  2. For me I won’t be quick to judge mr a.k.a Danladi he must have his reasons…though from the outside we may not see it right but he must have his reasons…probably he was that corner stone that was overlooked before he got his fame…A million naira though…datz huge

  3. If you ask me, I’d say he didn’t have to charge his former church but you see there might be another side to the story. However, it should be the church’s responsibility to cater for the transportation of himself and his band as well as welfare. If they can’t have the entire band come over, they could have him come alone. I really don’t think it should be an issue for the press though. Christianity is becoming so much like showbiz now and rather than pray for ourselves and confess our faults one to another, we involve the media. Usually nothing good comes out of this; just confusion.

    1. @Ayokunle….I second ur post. Thumb up. And @kindomboiz, d new look of the site rocks. God bless y’all.

      @ d original post on Timmy, well we should check both sides of the story b4 judging. But I think if its about the Gospel of Christ we preaching thru music, then we shouldn’t mix it up with mamon (God of money). Letz place our priority on the right thing “seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness…”


  4. Hahahahaha. This is truly hilarious. May God have mercy. Is he charging for the amounting or the reputation he has built? Abeg I won’t mind a church that will pay me that sum o just to come and sing. In fact, I will dance and act drama join. Hehehehehehe

  5. No matter the reason, for God sake he is a minister, infact his former church. Well, he shouldn’t have charge them. Definitely they will bless him. May he forgot that the souls are more important than the money.

  6. It all depends on how your former Church treated you when coming up as an artists.enough of people looking down on gospel artistes. Not with standing, he is a minister and shouldn’t forget his early beginning. Just that some churches don’t support and encourage their up coming gospel artiste,but forgiveness is the watch word. He is not right and nor to be condemned wrong either

  7. Well! In ma own opinion, he might have his personal reasons he Did dat….He might be getting back @ them on som issues dat must have transpired between dem…..even if he’s a minister, let’s not be ignorant of d Devices of d Devil…..whether he did or not…leave it as dat and let’s mind our biz

  8. the question should be, why did he say that, did his former church help his singin career when he was comming up? but no matter what, he shouldnt ve done dat….from another perspective,some churches could hide under the umbrella of been time conscious and treat their upcoming singers bad.u will beg ur church to give u their stage for just 4minutes on a sunday service and they will turn u down,bt they would come to celebrate u if u ve arrived….too bad for some churches….bt, no matter what,he has no reason to charge them.

  9. I want to ask dis, wats rong with him charging dat amount? D next u all we say it’s gospel artist are switching to secular bcus of d money. Pls I see notin rong with him charging his formal church dat amount, will his formal church put food on his table? Pls lets drop dis.

  10. He should aswel be a secular entertainer…biblically is nt right to charge before givn out d gospel..except wat he’s givn Out is nt d gospel..God has made in away that definately as a psalmist. U feed frm d alter , quite Ok bt is nt for the levite to go about chargin people

  11. For me, I wunt judge him but wat I knw is wether in ur former chrch or any chrch at all, as a minister, we ar workin 4 God nd he pays u. Nd if u ar leavin ur bills to God who says d earth is mine, den u shld knw dat everyfin is urs. So u jst perform ur mandat den let God do his own in ur life.

  12. I dnt tink there is anytin wrong wit dat, the church shoudnt b raisin any alarm, they can ask im to take down d price, Bcus dats his ministry and his business………..(But Bros Tim gas to consider)

  13. personal i don’t see anything wrong with him charging that, he didn’t start like that, but now he’s worth more than that. he is going about his father’s business… just as the church is doing now….

  14. Hmmmm if hes doing the work full time and he has to pay the band full time too.he should leave his carrier to the mercy of the church that kills both thier trained and wonded soldeirs. Hmmmmm if hes a minister to the church .then u must be a minister to ur various vocations too.

  15. The gospel is free but not cheap afterall it cost the blood of Jesus Christ. They are two sides to a story, maybe d church didn’t act as a body of Christ to support him during his early days bt forgiveness is key or he felt the need to be filled by money wc is wrong. The church knows to take care of logistics of the dude n give him a seed. If you come to my church back den (2010)to perform, u should leave wit a seed of at least 1 million.
    The gospel is free don’t charge a dime to preach the gospel. “freely u have received freely give”

  16. Thats his root…he shouldnt have..the church should have arranged his welfare…whatever ways he could be right..anybody wrong today can be right tomorrow

  17. Sometimes dis charges is good. coz money is needed for d ministry to now I can not post or upload my song even on Kingdomboiz without, dats bcos d dude subscribes to upload diz songs. he need to the work will not b effective coz he TimGodfrey has got nothing except music ministry. & he might b d down talked in dat ministry b4 now. just saying my own shaaa . #gflamz

  18. Da Truth said Jesus is for everybody, if u will hv to charge for the free gospel ov Christ, oderz may not hav the fee to pay n listen. If d church decides to sow a seed in ur life wen dey are blessed by u it’s okk but I knw it’s not rit, speaking as a minister too.

  19. Da Truth said Jesus is for everybody, if u will hv to charge for the free gospel ov Christ, oderz may not hav the fee to pay n listen. If d church decides to sow a seed in ur life wen dey are blessed by u it’s okk but I knw it’s not rit, speaking as a minister too.

  20. is not bad for Tim Godfrey to charge his former church cause that is what he does for a living + how well was the church supportive to him during his service there + the incoming offering and other finance in the church are partly meant for such purpose

  21. This is his only means of survival moreover he has to settle his crew and other expenses.
    Most of us do go out to watch davido, wizkid and other top secular artist and they charge nothing less than 5million just to perform for few hours and we don’t complain about that, so i don’t c any reason why we should be complaining when a gospel artist decides to charge a token of 1 million to bring down the present of God for us to get blessed.

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